Hello world!

I’m .NET developer from Latvia.
Primary blog content: code snippets that I have found useful.
I’ll try to less write and give more examples.
Feel free to notify me about any mistake – content or grammar.

Why blog?

During more than 7  years I have found and discovered a lot of interesting stuff in various technologies. But there is no centralized place to put all useful coding stuff. Now snippets are hard coded in projects or just located on different folders on different computers (home, work).  I’m to lazy to every time when I need staff what I already was found or managed to understand start googling again or start browsing my HD content. So I decided that it is much easier to put it in blog once and get easy access whenever needed. And in second hand: if something I found useful for me then maybe it will be useful for someone else.

Janeks Malinovskis
My location

Try my online calculator with memory: www.calc.lv

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