Specify to Run Server Garbage Collection (gcServer)

To enable Garbage Collector to work in server mode put follwing section in config:

  <gcServer enabled="true" />

When to use:

  • On computers with more ¬†than two cores.
  • You have multithreaded service¬†not hosted in IIS.

Typical candidate: self-hosted WCF service.
This option improves service performance and consumes more memory.

For details see:


2 Responses to “Specify to Run Server Garbage Collection (gcServer)”

  1. Chan Says:

    My computer with multiple cores, but my application is ASP.NET app hosted in IIS. So, should I turn it on?

    Thank you

    • jmalinovskis Says:

      No – because IIS has own garbage collecting mechanism (see application pool recycling settings).

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